Frequently asked questions

It may take some time for the registration mail to arrive. Also you might want to check if the mail has landed in your spam folder. If you are still not receiving the confirmation mail after 5 minutes please use the "Need Help" button at the bottom of the page to contact our support.
Creating a trial license is done in two simple steps. First you need to register and create an account. Once you have completed the account registration simply go to "My orders" and click "Add new license". Select your product and your edition and your license will be instantly created for you.
In order to purchase a full license simply create a trial license and go to your license details. At the bottom you will find a button labeled "Buy". This will start the buying process for a full license.
Once you have created a trial license you can access the download links by accessing your license details. Click "My orders" and select your license in the list.
You require a server ID to generate a license key for many of our products. In order to find your license key please access the License section in your administration area. If you have not completed the installation step yet, your license key will be displayed on the installation page.

Sometimes a valid server ID cannot be found. In that case please contact our sales team at info@coyoapp.com.
We send mails regularly when new updates are available or maintenance windows are announced. You can control the email settings for every order in the settings of your order.
Still have a question? Visit our support center!